Keeping up with the Miners: Dublin Gulch Caves

Dublin Gulch Caves, Shoshone, CA. Wooden doors lead into shadowy rooms that originally held stoves, beds and all the comforts of home. These cave residences were hand-dug by miners  into the soft hills on the edge of the tiny town of Shoshone.  Most of them are locked, but you can still peer through open windows to see fireplaces and bedsprings in some.

They were in use until the 1970s, and the word is that as one occupant died or otherwise moved on, neighbors quickly jumped on the vacancy, upgrading to the more desirable caves. What makes one cave more desirable over another is something to think about as you wander among the hills. Look for roof stovepipes, outhouses and a can graveyard. The caves are located on the south end of town. Park in the dirt parking area and walk past the Shoshone Cemetery, where some of the cave residents are buried, along with members of the town’s founding family.


Dublin Gulch Caves. Look around for more.

IMG_1170 (1)

Can graveyard



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